Hey troopers!

I wanted to give some quick updates to everyone in the 101st, as well as outline our future plans for the unit. Let’s get started!

Quick Background

The 101st Airborne is a historic unit in the world of Arma. We started in early 2012 with just a few founders and expanded into one of the largest realism communities in the world by 2013 (rivaling even the 7th Cav). The unit was started by me (Grimes) while I was in college and I was incredibly proud of the awesome and friendly group of guys we brought together. In 2014 I shutdown the unit to pursue other goals in my life, and have since started the Realm eSports League.

Now I am back in the saddle and the 101st has officially reopened its doors. Using our previous experiences as well as our resources that Realm provides us, we will be bringing a new and exciting face to the realism world.

Unit Structure

In many ways our unit will be structured the same as it has been in the past. There will, however, be some core changes that will add to a more fun and stress-free environment. For starters, our new mind set is “simplicity first”, we will never add any extra layers to something that can be done in a more simple or effective way. In addition, we will attempt to bring practical, real-world applications to all of our trainings we offer our members.

We will still have a structured rank system, promotion system, and ribbons / awards, though all decorations will be fully customized and not follow traditional military standards out of respect.

101st Veterans

If you are re-entering the unit and have served in our previous active unit, you are entitled to the following items:

  1. Advanced Rank: Depending on your previous unit rank and current situation you may earn rank up to Corporal. Exceptions will be made to those who made exceptional contributions to our old unit.
  2. Time in Service Award: Depending on your total active time in the unit, you may receive a 3, 6, or 9 month service award.
  3. Donation Ribbon: Anyone who donated to Arclight or the 101st Airborne will receive this ribbon. Must be confirmed with Grimes.

Please note that passing our previous basic training or any schools will no longer be considered valid for the new unit. This is because we have changed the way we operate and communicate, requiring new (and much shorter) training.

Future Plans

Beginning mid-May to early June we will officially open our doors to the 2/506 PIR, our classic WW2 unit! We will be running two 5 month campaigns a year through that unit and anyone may signup.

Late this summer we will also be opening our Vietnam unit, more details to come soon.